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The new national vision from Peter Beattie is now available exclusively here in your favourite format. Order for print (AU$25.99 + postage click here) or Kindle (AU$11.99 free instant delivery click here) and Android (AU$12.99 free instant delivery click here or on Google Play click here).

Peter and Heather coverPeter and Heather Beattie (right, on tour) celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary on January 4, 2016, and – like good Baby Boomers – have been travelling the world. So Where To From Here, Australia? (with art by Sean Leahy) is part Baby Boomer travelogue, part political vision, because Peter served as the 36th Premier of the state of Queensland for more than nine years from 1998 to 2007, when he retired electorally undefeated. He was leader of the Australian Labor Party in that state for eleven-and-a-half years. He led the party to victories in 1998, 2001, 2004 and 2006, making him one of the most electorally successful politicians in Australia.

Where To From Here, Australia? expands on his key strategy of turning Queensland into Australia’s “Smart State” and maps out a new vision for Australia based on innovation and long-term investment in the commercialisation of our research.

Peter is a national television commentator for Sky News and Channel 7’s Sunrise and is the author of three earlier books: the autobiographical In The Arena (with Brian Stevenson, Boolarong Books 1990), Making A Difference (with Angelo Loukakis, published by Harper Collins in 2006), and a thriller, The Year of The Dangerous Ones, also published by Strictly Literary (1995) and available in print and for Kindle and Android.

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